Join ME in this transformative journey:
The Art of Self-prioritization!

Join us in this transformative journey: The Art of Self prioritization!

Embracing self-prioritization isn't just an act of self-care, it transforms women into resilient pillars of society.

We are challenging outdated norms, and championing a new era where prioritizing oneself isn't just a choice—it's a powerful statement of strength, resilience, progress, and how we show up as women.

Does any of the below sound like you?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with family and work obligations?
  • ​Are you struggling to find time to have joy in your daily life?
  • Is being a caregiver leaving you exhausted and constantly tired?
  • Do you feel resentful when you give and don’t receive the same back?
  • Are you performing under the pressure of expectations?
  • ​Do you face guilt when you prioritize yourself?
  • ​After your accomplishments (Congrats!) are you still unfulfilled?

YES, then you are in the right place! I know how You feel because I’ve been there too!

And just like you, I wanted to change how I showed up for myself and fostered the courage to pursue my fullest potential. I designed this course so that I could share the tools I’ve learned along my journey with you so that you too can experience your unique transformation.

What this Master Class Offers!



Learn the art of placing yourself first not as selfishness, but as a strategy to achieve your fullest potential.
We explore beliefs, fears, and habits that stop you from prioritizing yourself.



Find the balance between your roles and your aspirations. Accountability, Responsibility, and Personal Growth.

Practical Strategies

Practical Strategies

Gain practical, actionable strategies to make self-prioritization a daily habit. How you react to the world, family and friends to reflect your self-care.

Community Support

Community Support

Join a group of like-minded Women. You are not alone in your struggle and the importance of community to help you grow toward your highest potential.​

Milano Event: Details

  • Date: Tuesday, May 14th
  • Location: Milano
  • Time: 19:00 - 21:00PM (CET)
  • ​Duration: 2 Hours
  • Investment: 75 Euro

Meet Your Coach!


Passionate personal development coach, specializing in equipping women with essential tools for self-discovery and unlocking their fullest potential. With experience as a single mother, navigating Milan and a former Fashion Entrepreneur, she brings a unique perspective to the journey.

Certified as a Life and Purpose Coach by Jay Shetty and a Yale Certified Teen Well-Being Coach, her goal-oriented coaching approach fosters positive thinking. She takes pride in contributing to the success stories of women in business, shifting mindsets, and guiding teenagers to choose positivity in well-being.

Committed to ongoing personal growth and authenticity, she invites you to join her on the journey to prioritize yourself and unlock your potential.

Some positive outcomes of the Masterclass

Opportunities for self-discovery and personal development

Reduced resentment and burnout in relationships

Ability to advocate for one's needs and desires

Healthy boundaries lead to more fulfilling connections

Better ability to cope with life's challenges

Serving as a positive example for others

What Are you Waiting for?



I worked with Haamacha on my leadership skills at work, and it's been a great journey.  Haamacha's coaching helped me to navigate better my next career path, I had many thoughts and doubts about myself, and it guided me to clear my thoughts. The coaching sessions were putting the puzzles together for myself and by myself, instead of just receiving an answer from outside which I enjoyed the most.  Thank you for the wonderful experience.

- Sun Young Lee.

Before I started working with Haamacha, I had a business idea, but I had no idea how I was going to make it happen. I didn’t believe in myself or my capabilities. With Haamacha’s help and guidance, I was able to overcome many self-doubts, have a plan to execute my vision, and finally launch my business. My confidence went over the roof, and I feel I can finally stop making excuses and trust myself as I make creative and professional decisions when it comes to my business. So excited about my future! Can't thank you enough.

-Kristina Razinski

In the Art of Self-Prioritizing Master Class with Haamacha, we were given very useful and practical advice on how to change our mindsets, build stronger self-awareness, and enhance our confidence. I found some of Haamacha's ideas really thought-provoking and, in the long run, probably even life-changing. I was also moved by the openness and vulnerability of Haamacha and the other women in the workshop. Without a doubt, I can describe the workshop as a worthwhile and inspiring experience. Thank you Haamacha!

- Agata M.

I attended The Art of Self Prioritization workshop because I struggled to put myself first. I learned to implement what I already knew deep down, prioritizing me towards my GOALS. Choosing to focus on the goals, embracing myself to share my truth first, and, building the right community around me are what enhance my life. To someone who would like to participate in this masterclass, I would say to throw yourself in and be carried away by the coach and let yourself go into the memorable and constructive experience for yourself. It was and Incredible experience.

-Stefania M.

"Attending, The Art of self-prioritization supper club organized by dear Haamacha was an amazing experience for me to be with many strong and beautiful women. Sharing our experiences, concerns, targets, feelings. ​I now realize how important self-prioritization is, and how it impacts our life to be better and more satisfied as women. After so many laughs, emotional moments, and deep conversations led by Haamacha, it was clear how to reach my target goals. I suggest to everyone who wishes to clear their mind and get a little push for the first step toward their dream to attend the workshop. Thank you Haamacha for dedicating yourself to such an important subject.

- Hulya L.

I'm really glad I attended your workshop on the importance of self-care and self-prioritization. Regarding my situation, I learned that going forward, my focus is on my professional growth because I'm just a few steps away from my main goal. ​I realized how my worries are getting in the way of a positive mind, and how it's affecting my quality of life. My biggest takeaway was ways of improving the quality of my life and going forward in my profession.

-Dorothy N.